hai..im lily

i have no experience in coding whatsoever.. excuse how bad this looks

shoutout to the song bloody moon vampire for giving me motivation

(just so happens im listening 2 it on repeat.. oh my lord rei sakuma)

heres a list of my pronouns

(if you dont support neopronouns / xenogenders dont interact with me at all :3)

enstars sucks.

i hate enstarries. okay sorry that was just a moment of self loathing.. and i added this to mess around with changing text colors.

before u interact.. i make a bunch of nsfw jokes / kys or die jokes so let me know if u dont like that.. ill try 2 .. restrict myself. HELP

i am a lesbian magiccatgender demigirl intp 5w6 ne(?) dom.. probably.

please use tone indicators

click for the guide abt tone indicators if ur confused

heres some things i enjoy. bossbabes in italics . fr!

ensemble stars, cats, vocaloid, bungou stray dogs, toilet bound hanako kun, undertale, deltarune, omori, mafumafu, virtual youtubers, five nights at freddies, your turn to die, ayakashi akashi, and a lot of other stuff i probably forgot about and will suddenly bring up in the future.

thx for reading. i think. u can ask me if u need 2 know anything else